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Beginner Level Courses 

Courses and collections for the absolute beginner or very recent starter.

If you have never played before or are coming back to piano after a long hiatus, start with a primer course such as An Accelerated Piano Course for Beginners. This will get you up to speed on the basics of piano including notes and rhythm, dynamics, articulations, keys and key signatures and even pedalling basics.

If you already know the basics then other courses and collections in this section can help consolidate and build on your skills and knowledge.

Level 1 Courses & Collections

If you have completed a thorough primer course such as the one above then you should be ready to tackle Level 1 courses and collections. Pieces in these collections are generally presented in order of difficulty and may contain a number of later pieces at Level 2 standard in order to help you make the transition.

For reference, EPA Level 1 is approximately ABRSM or LCM grade 1 standard.

Level 2 Courses & Collections

Level 2 courses and collections contain pieces that are still quite short, typically one page in length or less, but will be slightly more technically challenging than Level 1 pieces.

For reference, EPA Level 2 is approximately ABRSM or LCM grade 2 standard.

Level 3 Courses & Collections

Level 3 courses and collections generally contain longer pieces, sometimes up to three pages, and the music may be more technically challenging in places than at Level 2.

For reference, EPA Level 3 is approximately ABRSM or LCM grade 3 standard.

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