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Start Learning Piano the Right Way with "An Accelerated Piano Course for Beginners" INCLUDING One-to-One Feedback on Your Progress from an Experienced Piano Teacher.


The Eden Piano Academy is a piano-learning programme for beginners which bridges the gap between video lectures and traditional one-to-one piano lessons.

My unique method consists of a series of carefully graded video courses PLUS, crucially, opportunities to get feedback on your progress from a piano teacher with over 30 years' experience.

The Problem with Teaching Yourself

Starting to learn piano can be a confusing business. Where to start is only... well... the start of it.


Lack of understanding of the piano repertoire and difficulty levels - You don't know how to move forward - "what should I play next?"

Access to Quality Feedback

You have no idea if you're doing it right.


You may struggle to motivate yourself some days.

Time management

You don't know how to practice effectively to achieve as much as possible.

How Can the Eden Piano Academy Help You?

Always know what to play next. Access to carefully graded video lessons, takes you from the very beginning to playing the music of the great composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart and many more.


Understand your strengths, be aware of things you're doing wrong, and get insights on how to correct them. You get access to a very experienced piano teacher. Ask as many questions as you like or submit videos of your playing to get supportive and helpful feedback designed to move you forward as quickly as possible. This can be through the community group or via private chat.


Say goodbye to the practice blues. Stay motivated and excited to play by becoming part of a thriving piano community where you can support and be supported, overseen by a well-qualified piano instructor.


Hit the ground running with a free thirty minute one-to-one onboarding session. Discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them. Learn to get the most value out of your membership. A great opportunity to ask questions about anything Academy-related.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Carl Eden and I have been teaching piano to both young and old for over 30 years.


From the age of 9 I knew that I wanted to teach music and, in 1991, after taking a degree in music and a diploma in piano playing, I finally became a PGCE qualified music teacher. In the intervening years I have run various school music departments in the UK and have worked as a music standards verifier for one of the UK's premiere exam boards, Edexcel, working with schools and colleges to deliver effective music programmes. In 2015, I decided to leave mainstream education to focus on private piano teaching.


I quickly realised that I didn't like any of the existing adult piano primer books and so one of my students said, "Well write your own then!" This led to my first video course, "An Accelerated Piano Course for Beginners," which now has over 6000 students across various online learning platforms.

The problem was that students had no access to feedback on what they were doing. How did they know they were doing it right? How did they know they were progressing as effectively as possible?


I pondered this for a long time. The video course format is a one way street - information travels from the instructor to the student - but I knew from experience the learning process is a 2 way dialogue in which the student asks questions and presents what they have learned for constructive advice in order for them to improve and move forward confidently.

My mission is to give you that 2-way experience by allowing learners to ask as many questions as you need to plus, crucially, get feedback and encouragement on your playing either in a community discussion group or by one-to-one private chat.

As an EPA member, you can even book a discounted one-to-one Zoom session.

I hold qualifications with

What My Students Have to Say

“A friend told me about this course and I checked the preview! I was instantly hooked! Carl has a ton of charm and he is an absolute delight! Not only is he a great musician, he is also a teacher who loves to teach! His lessons are well structured and easy to follow. I can't recommend this course enough!”

Peter Flemberg

“This course was a delight. Carl Eden's instructions are informative, funny, and easy to follow. He has a real talent for teaching and I found I was able to absorb the lesson material very easily. The class itself is not simple, however. Carl takes you through a lot of important piano techniques and urges you to slow down and really learn them. Even as a complete beginner, if you follow him, you will certainly have a solid foundation to play piano. And above all else, the class is fun!”

Chloe Gibson

Lo“Being a multi-instrumentalist I was immediately impressed at how much attention is given to musicality from the start - and not just typing notes. Also, the explanations of fingerings and hand positions are wonderful. The arrangements are perfect for us beginners on piano. From experience, it is so much better to play something well at your level than stumbling through something above your level and repeating mistakes. Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher.”

Andy Blackard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who is this for?

I specialize in teaching piano to adults and older people. Most have never played before and some have played years ago but given up for various reasons.
The only things you need are enthusiasm and a piano or keyboard.

How do I ask questions and get feedback on my playing?

With your free account you get access to the Academy community where you can post unlimited questions and videos of your playing and get feedback from Carl. What's more, your access will continue as long as you like even on the free tier so you can continue to ask about other music when you have completed your free course!

What other help will I get?

As a new member, you will be offered a free 30 minute one-to-one onboarding session where we can discuss your goals as well as discuss how to get as much as possible from your membership. I offer this to all new members both on the free tier and the paid ones. There is no sales pitch, just a desire to help.

Do you need my credit card details?

Signing up does not require you to submit any card details. You will only be asked for them if you decide to continue after your free month.

What does the first course cover?

Literally everything you need for a successful start:
Introduction including practice tips, posture and finger numbers.
Bars, bar lines and time signatures.
The grand staff, notes and basic rhythms.
Sections on each hand position from C through to F, treble C and bass G taking in repeat marks, rests, chords, sharps, flats.
Note review.
→ Articulations such as legato and staccato playing.
→ How to effectively move around the keyboard.
→ Unlocking slurs and phrasing to produce coherent musical sentences.
Plus many, many tips as you go such as using patterns as well as notes when reading and even an introduction to pedalling.

How do I continue when I have completed the first course?

If you have enjoyed your experience, simply sign up for the paid plan to continue you learning.

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In addition, there are one-off sessions on practice techniques, warm-up ideas, sight reading tips and interpretation skills.

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